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Out of the Box and Into Cake, It’s Barbie! 

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Tabitha Brown’s Spirit Moves Her to Vegan Tacos

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The Best Way to Use Random Summer Vegetables Is With Korean Pancake Mix

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The 38 Essential Sydney Restaurants

A Recipe for a Magical Mango Pudding Cake

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Beyond Dining in the Dark: What It’s Actually Like to Eat Out When You’re Blind

Restaurant menus can present an awkward challenge for blind people. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

All the Places Carrie and Friends Ate in ‘And Just Like That...’ Season 2

The girls are taking over New York City and now Los Angeles, too. Here’s where to eat if you want to follow along.

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How ‘The Bear’ Ruined Christmas in July

It’s Time for a Silly Pasta Shape Moment

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The Michelin Guide Adds Just One New Starred Restaurant to Its LA List

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Here Are the New 2023 Michelin-Starred Restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area

When a Lab-Grown Burger Costs $100, How Can It Possibly Compete With McDonald’s?

Fast Food’s Most Unhinged Mascots Are Back 

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Death by a Thousand Service Fees

After years of artificially low menu prices, service fees feel like an inevitable, annoying part of dining out now

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The Definitive Guide to Restaurants Featured in ‘The Bear’

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Can Tepache Survive the RTD Treatment?

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 ‘The Bear’ Grows Up

In the show’s second season, Carmy, Richie, and Sydney set out to build a fine dining destination while doing considerable work on themselves, too.


How One of the Ocean’s Largest — and Most Expensive — Shellfish Is Farmed

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The 38 Essential Dublin Restaurants

Pop-up tacos tucked behind a pawn shop cocktail bar, dry-aged beef tartare at a canal-side chef hangout, an ambitious Michelin-starred menu in a coastal suburb, and more of Dublin’s best meals

How Queer Restaurants Keep Their Money In Their Community

For restaurants like Ursula and Provincetown Brewing, doing business means supporting fellow queer service workers and vendors

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The 38 Essential Rome Restaurants

Where to find aperitivo hour cocktails overlooking the Colosseum, a cult-favorite restaurant featured on Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, and all the pasta and pizza you can eat in Rome

The Limitless Possibilities of Pie

Eater and Disability Visibility Present: Low and Slow

A series on the joys and pleasures of eating, cooking, and sustenance

A Sweet-Salty Party Mix Recipe That Will Be the Hit of Any Gathering

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Welcome to Diner Land

Enter the world of Americana. Of vinyl booths and bottomless coffee. Of late-night pancakes and all-hours hot dogs. Of all-ages dining and no-frills service. Of chrome trim and cash-only.

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29 Great American Diners

America’s diners account for some of the oldest restaurants in the nation. Here are some of the most iconic.

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After ‘The Bear’ Mauled Pequod’s Pizza, a Chicagoan Demands Answers

Eater Chicago investigates the shocking, yet perhaps tasty, massacre

My Benihana, Myself

What learning to flip shrimp tails and build onion volcanoes taught me about the gift of performance, and its emotional toll

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An Icon of Rome Is Now Open in New York

A Modest Sandwich Plea

Eater Gets Hitched

From canapes to cakes, your ultimate guide to throwing (and attending) the most delicious wedding ever

Mall Food Madness

See you at the food court

Where to Eat in 2023

We’re taking our time while traveling this year.

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The 15 Best New Restaurants in America

Eat here now. Thank us later.

Holding Ourselves as Food Media Accountable

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