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All the Places Carrie and Friends Ate in ‘And Just Like That...’ Season 2

The girls are taking over New York City and now Los Angeles, too. Here’s where to eat if you want to follow along.

A dinner scene at a restaurant in which three women and a man sit at a table with a white tablecloth.
Carrie, Seema, Anthony, and Charlotte at Daniel.

And just like that, Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and even Samantha — in a confirmed but likely brief cameo — have returned for Season 2 of the Sex and the City sequel.

Although Carrie was never really a cook in Sex and the City (sweaters in the oven and all), And Just Like That... has been giving her kitchen a more prominent role. Aside from that scene in Season 1, the first moments of Season 2 find Carrie making good on a (supposedly) decades-long goal of poaching an egg. “Did you know stoves aren’t just for storage?” she says, to a justifiably surprised Charlotte.

Still, we can rest assured that the newly expanded roster of girls, which now includes real estate agent Seema and recently dumped bread entrepreneur Anthony, will continue to spill stories about boyfriends, blow jobs, and balls at the Met in restaurants and bars all over New York City.

As with the first season, we’ll be tracking (almost) everywhere Carrie and friends ate across the city episode by episode, in case you need a new gossip spot of your own. But with Miranda having followed Che to Los Angeles at the end of Season 1, we’ll also need to expand our scope to the West Coast. In Samantha’s immortal words from Sex and the City Season 3: “All the kids are going bi” — bicoastal, in this case. Naturally, some spoilers will follow.

Episode 1, “Met Cute”

​​The first episode of Season 2 opens on a particularly horny montage, with nearly all of the show’s main characters getting ready to get busy in the bedroom. The carnal bliss is short-lived, however, as relationship trouble plagues nearly every couple. The season premiere also takes place on the day of the Met Ball, which leads to a scramble for dresses and a number of ticket swaps, one of which occurs over lunch at Daniel.

Zooba, 100 Kenmare Street

Carrie’s former podcasting co-host, Jackie, buys her lunch with a blue credit card from “Smurf National Bank” at this Egyptian fast-casual spot in Nolita. He’s treating Carrie to thank her for wearing his wife’s dress to the Met Ball, but gets shot down when he asks if she can get a couple extra tickets for the two of them.

Daniel, 60 East 65th Street

Daniel Boulud’s 30-year-old titan of fine dining, Daniel, appears twice in Episode 1. First during a lunch between Carrie, Seema, Anthony, and Charlotte where the four discuss the upcoming Met Ball as well as their relationship troubles.

Later in the episode, Seema is back at Daniel with the man she’s been seeing, Zed, to meet his son and ex-wife for the first time. When she learns that Zed still lives in the same building with his ex (“She has the top two floors! I’m on the first!”), she storms out to get ready for the ball.

GGT Tokyo, 120 East 28th Street

Nya visits this Japanese restaurant and cocktail bar on the Nomad and Murray Hill border for a quiet dinner alone. After a couple of glasses of Malbec a man who introduces himself as Toussaint sidles up to the bar where she’s sitting and hits on her. She’s flattered, but doesn’t go home with him — or try the molten chocolate cake which, according to Toussaint, “will make you see the face of God.”

Episode 2, “The Real Deal”

Che Diaz and Tony Danza sit at a booth with plates of food and wine in Rao’s Hollywood
Che and Tony Danza at Rao’s Hollywood

The cast are all learning how to embrace what’s important and let go of what’s not in this episode. For Charlotte, that means accepting her children for who they’re turning into. For Carrie, that means sticking to her guns about not saying the word “suppository” on her podcast. By the end of the episode, a few of the girls appear to be starting over, setting the stage for new adventures this season.

KYU, 324 Lafayette Street

Carrie and Seema chat about relationship red flags and vaginal wellness podcast ads over martinis at this flashy Miami import known for its pan-Asian BBQ. The two didn’t seem to partake in any of the restaurant’s signature duck breast “burnt ends” or coconut cake, but they each leave resolved to solve the problems they came in with.

Le Coucou, 138 Lafayette Street

Charlotte begins her episode-long freakout over her daughter selling off a Chanel dress to buy an electric keyboard over lunch with Lisa and Anthony at Le Coucou, what Ryan Sutton called the “beating, albeit transplanted, heart of grand old French cuisine in New York,” when he reviewed it in 2016. Of course this group would consider a place with chilled shrimp in champagne sabayon perfect for a casual lunch.

Nello, 696 Madison Avenue

Seema gracefully leaves a date at the Upper East Side’s Nello, an Italian restaurant known more for its celebrity clientele than the food. It also came under fire a few years ago for banning a woman from dining alone at the bar, claiming it was “cracking down on hookers,” so it’s a good thing Seema didn’t try to stick around and finish her meal solo.

Over on the West Coast...

Neptune’s Net, 42505 CA-1, Malibu, CA

Miranda finds herself stranded outside of this Malibu mainstay, which slings fried fish and chowder in bread bowls for bikers and tourists alike. It’s been featured in numerous movies and TV shows already, including The Fast and the Furious, Point Break, and a flashback episode of Gossip Girl. Unfortunately, Miranda merely uses it as a landmark to catch a ride home. Maybe she can visit next time she’s stranded on the PCH.

Rao’s Hollywood, 1006 Seward Street, Los Angeles

While Miranda is on her way home from Malibu, Che and Tony Danza (yes) talk through their creative visions for the pilot Che is filming at the Hollywood location of famed New York red-sauce joint Rao’s. A portrait of Robert De Niro watches over their pasta and wine, as Tony Danza argues that it would be weird if he played Che’s Mexican father. Fair enough.

Episode 3, “Chapter Three”

Seema and Carrie sit at a communal table laughing with drinks in front of them.
Seema and Carrie at the communal table at Flex Mussels

It’s a bad week for everyone except Charlotte. With the podcast studio having gone kaput, Carrie’s wrapped up in audiobook recording drama. A thief has ripped Seema’s Birkin out of her hands in broad daylight on the sidewalk, and Miranda ends up back in NYC after struggling to juggle her relationships with Che and Brady. Lucky for us, it means there will be much more NYC dining to come.

The Evelyn Hotel, 7 East 27th Street

At lunch, LTW and Charlotte catch Carrie and Nya up on “MILFgate,” involving the MILF ranking that’s making the rounds at The Arbor School. In perfect timing, LTW receives an email with the list. She and Charlotte are happy to find themselves at spots two and three, respectively.

Rosecrans Florist & Cafe, 7 Greenwich Avenue

Carrie is struggling to record the night of Big’s death for her audiobook, so she comes up with a modern solution: She fakes Covid, hoping her team will hire a narrator. Alas, book editor Amanda, multitasking while getting coffee and flowers, calls Carrie to let her know she’s scored an extra week of recording time.

Avena Ristorante, 22 East 66th Street

Over grissini, Seema and Anthony talk about their respective experiences with robberies. Although they remark that the menu’s $24 gazpacho is yet another of the city’s grifts, Avena, a northern Italian restaurant, doesn’t appear to serve gazpacho in reality. A “sick” Carrie bails on lunch to eat a burger at home instead.

Varsano’s Chocolate, 172 West 4th Street

After coming clean about her Covid act, Carrie takes Seema to neighbor Lisette’s jewelry show. Continuing the episode’s crime theme, a man stuffs Lisette’s jewelry into his jacket and gets away with much of the collection. The next day, Carrie brings Lisette chocolates from this Greenwich Village shop as a condolence.

Flex Mussels, 1431 3rd Avenue

While eating mussels Seema and Carrie get drinks and toast to the good and the bad of New York City — specifically, Seema finding her Birkin, and the two of them being seated at a communal table. There’s an upside: Down the table is a group of cute Australian rugby players.

Episode 4, “ALIVE!”

Miranda, Charlotte, Carrie, and Anthony sit at a table in the sunlit dining room at Rosemary’s
Miranda, Charlotte, Carrie, and Anthony at Rosemary’s.

Reunited in NYC, the group’s central tension this episode is the new challenges that come with aging. Carrie is coming to terms with being perceived in a different way than she feels, Charlotte is facing the reality of evolving bodies, and Miranda is having to adapt to her relationship with Steve and an adult Brady while also building her dynamic with Che. It’s time to debrief over drinks.

L’Adresse NoMad, 1184 Broadway

Carrie and Jackie go to breakfast, but having broken his “no hollandaise before noon” rule, he’s forced to run to the bathroom. Alone, Carrie spots Enid, her old Vogue editor. Enid’s tenure at Conde Nast has ended and she now writes a successful newsletter called Ask Enid. In an awkward back and forth, Carrie angles for a mention of her book, but Enid turns her down, instead inviting Carrie to participate in her new publication for older women.

Poppi, 20 East 69th Street

Carrie, her ego bruised from being considered within the same age bracket as Enid, fills Seema in on the situation over coffee.

Rosemary’s, 18 Greenwich Avenue

The best Sex and the City conversations always happened over brunch, and the topic of the day at this sunny Italian restaurant is Harry’s recent “invisible” orgasm, as Charlotte describes it. While Miranda says she’s never really liked “mayo,” Charlotte is — to the group’s surprise — a big fan. It’s in these moments that Samantha’s absence is truly felt.

The Mark Bar, 25 East 77th Street

With their kids away, LTW and Herbert get a nightcap at this hotel bar off Madison Avenue and discuss their upcoming anniversary party.

Ana Wine & Spirits, 20 Hudson Yards

Che is back from Los Angeles and moving into a new apartment in Hudson Yards (of course they are) with assistance from Lyle, their ex-husband who we met in episode 2. Miranda and Carrie, armed with a bottle from the nearby Ana Wine & Spirits, help them settle in.

Dulcimer Restaurant

LTW and Herbert host an anniversary dinner at an ornate fictional restaurant called Dulcimer. Waiting on Harry, Charlotte starts chatting with gallery owner Mark Kasabian (played by none other than Victor Garber), who remembers her from her gallery days. When the other guests are slow to arrive, LTW presses Herbert about the invite: It turns out that he forgot to send it, leaving them with just five guests but enough oysters and lobster for 31.

Enid’s home, 129 East 73rd Street

With motivation from Seema, Carrie attends a finger-food luncheon for Vivante!, Enid’s new publication, with Gloria Steinem also in attendance. As the curved staircase and bookshelves make clear, Enid’s home is also Miranda Priestly’s iconic townhouse in The Devil Wears Prada, which hit the market in May for $27.5 million. Carrie learns her worrying was for nothing: Enid invited her for her money, not her age.

Episode 5, “Trick or Treat”

Nya sits at the bar with a red cocktail in a martini glass.
Nya at the Baccarat Hotel
Craig Blankenhorn | Max

The shadow of aging and death has hung over this season, but Episode 5 brings us back to what made Sex and the City so fun in the first place: meet-cutes and one-night stands. Carrie gets a taste of new flirtation, Nya has a walk of shame, and Seema finds a surprise after meeting a new man.

The Bar at the Baccarat Hotel and Residences, 28 West 53rd Street

Carrie, Nya, and Seema meet up at this glitzy, chandeliered hotel bar where all the drinks are served in Baccarat crystal. It’s a pricey spot to scope out men: With drinks that start at $30, the bar has made headlines for its $5,000 cocktail featuring gin made from saffron, 100-year-old Chartreuse, a gold-covered cherry, and a Baccarat glass souvenir. Seema hits it off with the representative for a gin brand.

Up Thai, 1411 2nd Avenue

Out with Che, Miranda sweats over red curry at this Upper East Side Thai spot with idiosyncratic decor including Moroccan lanterns and wood-paneled walls. She floats the idea of moving in with Nya, to which Che responds: “The only thing I’m worried about is that spice all over your lips, because I’m not trying to have curry-lingus later.” Should have saved that one for the “comedy concert.”

Episode 6, “Bomb Cyclone”

Carrie walks down the street talking on the phone during a snowstorm in New York City. Craig Blankenhorn | Max

With Carrie bracing herself for WidowCon, Miranda wrapped up in Che and Steve drama, and NYC getting hit with a snowstorm, nobody’s dining out this episode. There is one crucial meal, however. Nya cooks a paella dinner for Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte. At the table, the topic of Aidan — now divorced — comes up and stays on Carrie’s mind for the rest of the episode.